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Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence

Technology is at a tipping point.

The explosion of data – and emergence of powerful new technologies to exploit it – is enabling us to build the impossible. AI technologies like machine learning and expert systems are reshaping industries and disrupting business models. And they’re helping organisations to create opportunities, boost productivity and cut costs. How will you take advantage?

We look beyond the hype.

At Data Dog, we transform the way businesses plan, schedule and optimise their processes and operations. We’ll help you identify where technology can genuinely add value to your business. And we’ll work with you to co-create solutions that give you a competitive edge, while saving you time and money.

"Superior technical ability is rare. Ability combined with personality is rare still. The single most important factor in any partnership is people, and working with the team at DATA DOG is consistently stimulating and fun. They have proven over and over their ability to understand, question, drive forward and deliver on projects. I give them my full professional and personal endorsement."

Dr. Daniel J Hulme / CEO of Satalia

Make the shift to an AI-driven future

Data is today’s business currency. Invest yours wisely

Transformative technologies like AI allow firms to generate value from their data. Businesses must get on board with them sooner, not later.

But many lack the tools to reap the benefits of AI. That’s where Data Dog comes in.

How we help

We build bespoke, AI-based applications that revolutionise your resource planning, supply chain, sales and customer service operations. Our products can tackle isolated problems, or provide end-to-end optimisation.

Our cross-functional team is made up of software engineers, data analysts, mathematicians and product managers. Together, they create solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

"We have been consistently impressed with the team’s ability to deliver a complex application in a short time frame, and with their level of commitment and support."

George Mills

Value through agility and co-creation

We take a highly collaborative approach to developing solutions. Our clients become part of our team, and together we create products that meet their specific needs. We don’t work to rigid lists of pre-defined requirements. Using agile techniques, we iterate and deliver valuable features during every development cycle.

Our ethos allows us to dig deep into clients’ business operations and processes, and build innovative solutions which transform the way they work. It also helps us forge lasting partnerships with clients, as we’re continually finding ways to help them achieve more.

By the numbers

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    Product Managers

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    Years of experience

Management team

    • Domas Janickas
    • Co-founder / CEO
    • Domas is passionate about latest advances in technology, data science and AI. He loves delving into our clients’ business challenges and finding ways to help them achieve more.
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    • Gytis Koryzna
    • Co-founder / COO
    • Gytis is excellent at balancing our ambitious goals with practical follow-through. His job is to ensure that our organisation is running smoothly and efficiently as a whole.
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